The meaning of colour – 7 fun feature wall colours

“Feature wall”. The phrase is in every interior design magazine and falls off the tongue of everyone who has ever done a renovation. The majority of them look absolutely fabulous and really make a room look like it popped off the magazine page itself. How do they do it? How do they know which colours to use for which room? And what sort of mood does each colour set?

Here are 6 fun feature wall ideas that you cant go wrong with, and exactly what they mean for your home.


Darker Neutral

Dark Neutral Feature Wall

Sophisticated & Simple

Using a darker neutral colour to accent a feature wall is the most popular option for updating your home. Whether it is on the grey side, brown, or more of a beige depends on the base colour for your other three walls – cold or warm. Choose a colour that is in the same family as your lighter main colour (usually even on the same swatch) and you are guaranteed a cohesive room that shows sophistication and simplicity. Great for resale.


Muted Colours

Green Feature Wall

Calm & Nurturing

Pastel and mutual colours can add a pop to the room without adding the ‘pop’. They act as a way to bring life to the room without drawing too much attention, and often bring about a calming feeling. These feature wall colours are great for living rooms and bedrooms for someone looking for tranquility in their home.

Light Bright Colours

Fun colour Feature Wall

Playful & Fun

Add a little fun to your home! Who says you can’t be fun and playful without maintaining an air of sophistication. Choosing light and bright colours like yellow, teal, or pink can add a brightness to your house that only a feature wall can. This pop of colour (with the ‘pop’) is sure to put a smile on the face of your guests and family and bring positivity into your home.


Deep Colours

Classic living room wall. Luxury interior design, vase on the table.

Rich & Stable

Looking for more than simple sophistication? Using deep colours like navy, burgundy, or plum will give your room the look of luxury. Keep in mind that colours this dark can make a room look smaller, so big windows with light shades/curtains are key to keeping the room from feeling closed in.


Faux Brick

Brick feature wall

Modern & Sophisticated

Faux brick (or real brick if you managed to find a fantastic restored loft) gives your space texture and flare. This modern design element (which is actually not modern at all), has become popular in all shades from traditional red, to greys, to white painted brick. It modernizes and brings youthfulness to an otherwise plain room.





Trendy & Spirited

Stripes are so fun and can come in so many colour variations. Silver and white (pictured) can make a room extremely sleek and trendy, pink and white can make a little girls room burst with excitement, and black and white is the epitome of modern and eye catching. Pick the feeling you want from a room and choose colours that match that.



wallpaper feature wall

Free & Fun

Freedom! Wallpaper comes in an unimaginable, almost infinite, number of patterns and colours. This is where you can absolutely let your personality shine through and make your home exactly what you want it to be. Wallpaper, no matter the style, gives a feeling and look of freedom and fun and makes your house a home. All you need to do is match the colour of your other 3 walls with a colour in the wallpaper (or one that compliments it) and you are good to go. We recommend finding the swatch that matches and bringing it with you when choosing your wallpaper.



Alana Kitchen
Alana Kitchen
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