The Ins And Outs Of Lighting Fixtures For Your Home

Lighting is a crucial element in any room. Mainly, because here in Calgary we get such a limited amount of day light hours year round, but also lighting helps to complete a room and tie it together – it’s the cherry on top!

Here is a guide to the 3 different types of lighting you should be keeping in mind when designing or redoing any space in your home.  Don’t forget that having your new lighting installed professionally is important.  Post your project on Who To Call and get connected with Calgary electricians ready to help.

Ambient Lighting      

Ambient lighting is key in creating a comfortable atmosphere and provides a space with overall illumination. This is basically so that everyday activities can be accomplished and done in a comfortable level of brightness. It is not concentrated on one particular detail of a room, but instead a wash of light throughout. The style of the light fixture you choose to go in a room acts as another accent accessory and influences the atmosphere you want the space to have. The rooms that utilize ambient lighting the most would be the bedroom, kitchen and living room, as they are rooms where lots of activity takes place.

Another option for ambient lighting is to add a dimmer switch to the light fixture, so that you can change the degree of brightness as needed throughout the day.

Chandelier Ambient Lighting Bedroom Chandelier

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Ambient lighting takes many forms such as chandeliers, track lighting, down lighting, ceiling/ wall mounted fixtures, sconces or floor-lamp torchieres- it all depends on the look and feel of the room you are going for.

Task Lighting

As in the name, task lighting provides a concentrated light source on a particular area to assist a specific function. Its goal is not to illuminate an entire space, rather save energy and to shed light on a localized area. Rooms such as your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and study are the main spaces where you will find task lighting. These are the areas where you prepare food, read and work on your computer or on hobbies.

Bedroom lighting 2 Kitchen Lighting Office Light

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Task lighting can come as floor lamps, desk lamps, under cabinet lighting and even as ceiling pendants.

Accent Lighting

This type of lighting is usually very bright in comparison to the ambient lighting in the room. Its purpose is to highlight and add visual interest to a space by accenting different aspects of the room. It is used to draw your eye to room accessories such as paintings, plants, sculptures, prized possessions or any other particular objects you wish to highlight. The physical lights themselves are usually not seen, just the light that is illuminated from them. You can also use them on the exterior of your home to highlight the texture of your brick or stone siding, trees, plants, water features, window treatments or another areas of landscape that can add to your curb appeal.

Bookshelf Lighting Bookshelf Photo accent lighting

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Track lighting, recessed lighting and wall-mounted lighting that all blend in to their surroundings, are good examples of accent lighting.

Lighting is part of a room that needs to be well thought out and planned, so that it ties everything in the room together and works to provide light in its intended purpose.

See the Who to Call blog on Shedding Lighting on Buying Bulbs, so you are purchasing the right bulbs and fixtures to match, as well as keeping energy efficiency in mind!




Alana Kitchen
Alana Kitchen
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