Six easy fall yard clean-up tips that enrich


This summer, you BBQ-partied through it. The kids camped atop it. And grandma even puttered… Gardened round it.

But now your lush turf’s starting to show those golden hues, and you find yourself elbow-to-elbow with tree branches too close to home.

Check out these fall clean-up tips to keep your grass blades sharp and your patio primed for 2015:

Compost your leaves: Don some gloves, grab a rake and gather those leaves. Then, compost them if you’d prefer (especially if you’ve got oaks that repel matting-down the way maples do). A collection of shredded leaves makes divine mulches that enrich and insulate your soil. Visit the City of Calgary website for information on where you can drop off tree and leaf debris for recycling.

Feed and seed your lawn: Sync your fall feedings to when greens are still absorbing nutrients. For Calgary, that’s by early October at the latest. Fall fertilization and seeding is like a spa day for your lawn – a complete replenish to its health, which depletes during dry and hot Alberta summers.

Air out the soil: Foot traffic and ‘roofing’ build-up can compact your soil and cut off oxygen and food-supply to its roots. Air out your yard by using aeration to loosen your soil. Removed soil-plugs can be left out in the yard to breakdown and provide nutritious food to your lawn.

Clip tree branches: Check and trim (lightly) any tree branches close to your home. But keep in mind too much trimming can damage shrubberies and stunt them from maturing fully, so clip just enough to keep branches from arching and out of reach for winter.

Clean out garden pots: Ensure your next batch of tiger-lilies/perennials are lush and healthy by cleaning out your garden pots. This will prevent any diseases your plants might’ve carried this season and gets rid of salt build-up from soil that can damage fresh flower spreads. 

Get your patio ready for the big chill: Tackle your outdoor clean by spraying down your cushions with enzyme cleaner made to chase stubborn spots and stains away. Then spray down all patio adornments with a garden hose. For any pieces not stored inside (especially wood furniture), tarp them for protection. Plus, you’ll be glad you did this before the snow hits and cold begins to bite.

Do you have any Calgary fall yard care tips? Share some of them with us on Twitter and our Facebook Page. And don’t forget you can always hire a professional Calgary Landscaper if you’d like someone else to do it for you!



Alana Kitchen
Alana Kitchen
Alana Kitchen, founder of Who To Call Inc. Taking care of a house with three boys I always needed a good drywaller on speed dial. When I moved to Calgary I quickly discovered it was an Olympic sport to find home service businesses that provided the quality service and advice I was looking for. This experience inspired Who To Call – a website dedicated to helping Calgarians find quality home service repair companies. Sign up to post your project and find quality companies today!
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