Preparing Your Calgary Garden For Winter

The days are staying warm here in Calgary but we all know that it won’t be long before winter arrives. Normally by now, if you had not prepared your yard for winter, it would be too late, as snow would be covering the ground. Not the case this year. We have been gifted with some extra warm fall days to tackle this chore. Take some time to prepare your garden for the cold season while temperatures stay in the teens. The results of your hard work will be there for you to enjoy come Spring!

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Prepare Your Lawn 


Aerating helps nutrients, moisture and air reach the roots of your grass. This encourages root strength and leads to a healthier lawn.


By fertilizing your lawn you are encouraging strong root development. Root growth occurs until the earth reaches a consistent temperature of around 4C. Your grass will have the energy to outmuscle weed growth during the next season.

Rake and Mow

To give your lawn a better chance of flourishing, rake up the leaves and dead grass.

The last mow of the season should leave your grass a little shorter than normal to prevent it from holding on to rotting leaves and potentially becoming diseased.











Prepare Your Garden 


Cut back perennials now to give them extra energy for growth in the Spring.  They can be cut down almost to ground level.  There will be less Spring clean up work to do as well if all of the debris is removed now.  Lay down a layer of mulch to insulate and protect their roots. Leave stems with attractive seed heads for winter interest.  They can add another dimension to the snow and look suprisingly nice in our gardens.


Now is a good time to plant new perennials and bushes. Make sure you insulate around them with a little extra mulch to protect their roots against our cold dry winters. They will be fine over the winter months and ready to start growing when the ground thaws.

Add Compost

Layer partially decomposed compost on empty beds in the fall, before the ground freezes, and let it decompose further through winter. All those lovely nutrients will be ready and waiting for your spring planting. This task should be performed at least once every few years to replace nutrients in your soil.  Compost can be purchased from various companies in and around Calgary that will deliver directly to your door.  This can be done in the Spring as well if you run out of time this Fall.












Prepare Your Trees 


Here in Calgary, we should continue to water our trees until the ground is frozen. This will provide enough moisture for them to make it through our long harsh, dry winters. It is also a good idea to water when we are blessed with those winter Chinooks. 

Assess Overall Health

We would recommend hiring an arborist to do this.

Trees may appear healthy all summer long but once the leaves are gone we can really get a good look. Check for broken branches and diseases like black rot, which can sometimes be cut away to maintain the overall health of the tree.  If done in the fall, your trees will be ready to flourish come Spring.


Fall is the perfect time to prune trees back trees but arborist really do prefer to do this work before the snow and icy conditions arrive. Lear more about pruning trees and hedges – pruning Calgary trees and hedges.



Alana Kitchen
Alana Kitchen
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