Kitchen Appliances – So Many Choices!

Choosing new kitchen appliances usually means you are in the middle of a kitchen renovation or building a new home; both very exciting undertakings. This process can prove to be overwhelming and incredibly confusing. Here are a few tips on how to narrow down the choices you will have to make BEFORE the kitchen design layout is completed. Cabinetry will need to be designed around appliance specifications and dimensions. Appliances really do complete the look of your kitchen and you want them to last, so take some time when making your decisions.

 Set A Budget
Determining an appliance budget will help considerably in making your decisions. The budget should include stove, cooktop, refrigerator, dishwasher and optional items such as microwave and built in coffee maker. A budget for appliances can vary widely, anywhere between $4000-$50,000!

Determine The Style

Decide what finish your appliances will have – white, stainless, black, custom cabinetry fronts. Whatever your decision, it is better to purchase the appliances from the same brand if at all possible. There are “many” shades of white and stainless and although they do not need to match, there is a far better chance that things will appear uniform if they are from the same company.

Balance Quality + Needs + Wants

Price is not necessarily an indicator of quality, but could be a matter of features that a particular product has to offer. Carefully think about what is important for you and your lifestyle before making these decisions. How many people live in your home, do you entertain a lot, do you like to cook or eat out? If you are two people in your home and you eat out 4 times/week, investing in a massive refrigerator and commercial oven would be a waste of money. You should consider resale when designing and furnishing your kitchen, but finding the balance between this and lifestyle will provide you with the results you are looking for. Many companies now make a “commercial type” of appliance specifically designed for residential applications.

Do Research + Read Reviews

Technology changes in appliances are happening at a rapid pace. Solicit insight and opinions from friends and colleagues. Use some review sites such as, and, to find additional information on your short list of appliance choices. Consulting with an appliance repair company about what appliances they DO NOT repair is also a good way to seek out the quality you are looking for.

Determine Your Calgary Source

Calgary has a variety of local appliance retailers, who can be found on If you are working with a builder or contractor they will get a discount directly from a particular supplier so it is worth it to purchase through them. Regardless, there should be savings for you by purchasing your appliances through one company.

Armed with a budget, style choice, research and a retailer, making your appliance decision should be the easy part of your kitchen project!

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Alana Kitchen
Alana Kitchen
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