Home Care Tips For First Time Buyers


Buying your first home is exciting and it can also be overwhelming. After the financing has been settled and furniture has been perfectly arranged, Buyers are left with the important task of caring for their first home. I have put together a list of maintenance tips that every new home owner should do. I have separated the tasks into two categories: DIY and Consult a Professional.




  • Change furnace filters regularly
  • Clean the garbage disposal two or three times a year
  • Keep an eye on your basement and ceilings after a big rainfall or as the snow melts
  • Check for leaky toilets or faucets every year
  • Change batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors twice a year
  • Clean range hood and microwave filters (yes, these exist and you definitely want to keep them clean!)
  • Clean out eaves troughs, gutters, and window wells
  • Ensure eaves troughs are pointed away from the home
  • Turn off the exterior water and leave the valves open before winter
  • Empty your central vacuum dirt bin regularly
  • Caulk around doors and windows


Consult a Professional

Technician Looking Over A Gas Furnace

  • Have gas appliances checked regularly. Atco has a free service that homeowners can access!
  • Have the fireplace inspected and cleaned annually
  • Have the furnace inspected and cleaned annually
  • Arrange for the hot water tank to be inspected and cleaned every year
  • Clean ducts and dryer vents
  • Have trees and shrubs trimmed

In addition to this list, another great way to learn how to care for your new home is by attending the pre-purchase home inspection. Most home inspectors are happy to answer questions and teach you how to maximize the efficiency and safety of your home. What home maintenance chore surprised you the most when you bought your first home? Share your experience in the comments below!



Kim Twohey
Kim Twohey
Kim Twohey with CIR Realty, is an experienced Realtor who loves helping Buyers and Sellers to find their perfect home. Kim says that the best part of her job is seeing clients smile when they have that “aha” moment after walking into a house that is meant to be their home. Her attention to detail, organization, and commitment to her clients helps to make transactions go smoothly and with minimal stress. Kim is always looking for ways to improve her client’s experience and regularly invests time into additional education and training. Let Kim help you find your pathway home. kimtwohey@gmail.com
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