Fall Cleaning To-Do List

Fall cleaning, much like spring-cleaning, can be slightly overwhelming. However, with the kids out of the house and in school, there is no better time to tackle a huge deep clean and prepare your home for the cold winter months. By no means does it need to be as thorough as the spring-clean up that you did a few months ago, but it is aways a nice feeling to give your home a refresher after a summer of mud and dirt being trampled all over the house. Here is a to-do list to use as a reference so that nothing gets missed!

Begin by: 

  • Dusting all of the rooms in your home especially common rooms and bedrooms
  • De-clutter: get rid of the build up from over the summer, wether that be broken toys, garbage or anything you have yet to use this year. Either put it away, or give it away.
  • Put away all summer toys, decorations and accessories and make room for fall decorations and accessories, pumpkins and soon to be Christmas decorations!
  • Create an emergency preparedness kit in case you become snowed-in, because lets be honest anything is possible here in Calgary!


  • Edit your wardrobe: bring out your heavier fall/winter layers and push the summer shorts and crop tops to the back until next year. Get rid of any clothes you have not worn within 1 year, if you didn’t wear it last winter you will probably not wear it this winter. See our post on a Home for All Your Unwanted Items (Fall Edition) for a list of places to bring unwanted clothes
  • Tidy and reorganize, hang that painting or mirror you have been putting off, your bedroom is your safe place so it may as well feel like it!


  • Do a standard deep clean of your bathroom
  • Drain Maintenance: de-clog your drains with baking soda, vinegar and steaming hot water
  • Check toilet for leaks and loose fittings
  • Clean out medicine cabinet: dispose of expired or making medications and recycle anything you are not using anymore


  • Wash the outside of your cupboards getting rid of any residue or dirt that has built up over the summer
  • Go to the very back of your fridge, freezer and deep freeze, and dispose of any expired, rotten or food gone bad; give it a good cleaning too
  • Clean out your oven: this can be a smoky process so we advise you to do this on a nice fall day when it is still warm enough for you to have the windows and doors open

Common Rooms 

  • Steam clean: this includes couches, sofas and carpeted areas. Search for the best Calgary cleaning companies on Who To Call to come do this for you
  • Wash floors: take your swifter to any laminate or hardwood surface, preferably with hot water and cleaning solution. Afterwards reseal hardwood floors with acrylic oil or a wax based product
  • Sanitize children’s toys: put any plastic toys in the dishwasher and any stuffed animals or toys made out of fabric through the washing machine
  • Fix squeaky door hinges: hearing a shrill noise every time you open or close a door is never pleasant. Take the time to regrease your hinges and give them some love and care so they open and close smoothly
  • Lubricate door locks: over time locks may become sticky making them hard to use. Get some grease in there so they don’t become harder to use in the cold winter weather
  • Seal windows and doors: check for leaks, gaps or cracks between the walls and the frames of your doors and windows on both the inside and outside. If there are severe gaps fill with a silicone calk, as this will not shrink and is resistant against the elements. Then you can avoid getting that annoying cold draft air seeping into the room in the depths of winter
  • On a cloudy day clean the windows on the inside and outside


  • Ensure your furnace and boiler are in tip top condition, as well as your water heater and any other appliances you may need over the winter
  • Go through storage and get rid of things you and your family are not using
  • Give the floor a good washing if unfinished


  • Check the weather stripping around doors and windows- replace or repair as needed
  • Wash off the patio furniture and put it into storage
  • Winterize your water systems.
  • Clear your gutters and downspouts
  • Get your lawn and garden ready for the deep freeze
  • Trim hedges and trees
  • Inspect roof: this is the perfect time to get your roof replaced or repaired if it got damaged from the hail storms that Calgary experienced this past summer
  • Check and clean your chimney, if you have a wood burning fireplace. Find a professional Chimney Sweep to do this for you if you don’t fee comfortable

See Preparing your Yard for Fall and Winter in Calgary for details on winterizing your yard!

Garage or Shed 

  • Put away summer tools and appliances, such as hedge trimmers, rakes, lawn mower, fertilizers, garden tools, sprinkler and summer toys. Bring out shovels, snow lowers, ice picks/ scrapers, salt or gravel and any other winter toys or sporting goods that you may need
  • Move your vehicles and give your garage or shed a good cleaning, this includes the floors and dusting other things you may have stored in there



Alana Kitchen
Alana Kitchen
Alana Kitchen, founder of Who To Call Inc. Taking care of a house with three boys I always needed a good drywaller on speed dial. When I moved to Calgary I quickly discovered it was an Olympic sport to find home service businesses that provided the quality service and advice I was looking for. This experience inspired Who To Call – a website dedicated to helping Calgarians find quality home service repair companies. Sign up to post your project and find quality companies today!
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