Design Ideas for Your Calgary Patio

It’s patio season! Calgarians everywhere are taking to eating/drinking establishments to enjoy a cold one in the sun. Why not bring the party back to your house? It is more comfortable, you can invite all of your friends and not worry about lines, you can get cheaper food and drink, and best of all you don’t have to walk more than two feet from your door to enjoy the beautiful weather.

So what’s holding you back? Maybe your patio furniture is not up to snuff, or doesn’t exist at all. Or maybe you don’t want the hassle of setting it all up for the short summers that Calgary sometimes endures. Good news is there are many great Calgary patio design ideas to inspire you to create your very own backyard patio getaway, many of which are quick set up, portable, and cheaper than you think!


Tabletop Fire pit

Beautiful walkout patio with firepit and chairs

Patio’s are so convenient. They are finished, you can have comfortable chairs, and there is a table for your drinks. But you may find yourself missing the warm glow of the fire pit. Usually fire pits are found off in another section of the yard where burning, smoke, and flying ash is safer for the house, but they do not have to be. Adding a tabletop fire pit to your patio set is a convenient clever way to bring that warm glow to your evening get-togethers while maintaining the comfort of the rest of your patio. They do not usually get too hot or spray ash and sparks, but they are just ‘fiery’ enough that you won’t feel you are missing out.




Four chairs are great and all, but what if couples want to sit together, or you want to lay down in the sun and tan? Upgrading your patio set from the 4-chairs-round-glass-table to a couch and 2+ chairs will make your patio that much more inviting. Throw on some pillows and a blanket and… don’t forget your sunscreen!




Ottomans are under-utilized options for comfort and additional seating. They are also great if you have a wooden tray to set your drinks out on. Having one can solve so many problems in your calgary patio design you will wonder how you ever had a patio without one. Get one that has a cushion on top, bonus if it is reversible to reveal a hard top in case you need to use it as a table.


BBQ for 4


Little BBQ’s are cute and all, especially for smaller patios, but what if you have a party of 4 or 6? It can be difficult to cook 6 burgers plus buns on a tiny BBQ, making veggies out of the question. If there is room, upgrade your BBQ to one that can cook a few meals at once so that your dinner party isn’t broken up. Plus, they can look pretty snazzy and upscale and many come in great new designs to match your theme – from traditional to modern.


Tiki Bar

tiki bar

There are some really great portable bars out there that can turn your patio from a sitting oasis to a party on your deck. These little tiki bars range in size and shape and can hold all the necessities for a good party including alcohol, juice, glasses, and a mini fridge and freezer for your ice and berries!


Crank Umbrella


Lastly, when the heat is just too much to handle, make are you have a giant umbrella to protect your guests. Not only are they functional but they really tie a patio together. Have fun with it and add a splash of colour to your neutral set to spice up your backyard – red is a common favourite. Making sure it is a crank umbrella is ideal because you can adjust it how you’d like and they are easy to put up and down for you and any of your guests.


Need help?

Don’t have a deck to set up your dream patio? Calgary has number of great companies building high end and affordable decks in Calgary that you can check out.

Looking for something more polished or extravagant? The Who To Call Landscape designers and Landscape contractors can turn your dream into a reality.
When it comes to a great patio experience this summer in Calgary, Who To Call professional services will make it happen.



Alana Kitchen
Alana Kitchen
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