Creating The Optimal Study Space In Your Home

Summer vacation is over and kids in Calgary are heading back to school. This means that the homework will soon be flowing in and after school routines will begin. As a result, it is important that you have a space in your home that your kids can go to and get their work done. For some, this poses a fun new home design challenge, but for others not so much. Here are some ideas to help get you started and to create a space your where you kids will enjoy going to do get their work done (as much as homework can be enjoyed anyways).


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This is entirely depends on your child and how old they are, but it’s the first thing you must scope out before you begin. Younger children tend to enjoy the accessibility of studying around people so that they can ask questions and get help when they need, so setting them up in the kitchen or a common area works well. Older children typically like their own space and are not able to focus well with lots of distractions going on around them. However, this is completely depends on your child individually, all kids study differently so perhaps try out a few locations first and figure out which one your child will work best in.

Keep it minimalistic

Especially if your child is young, a ton of decorating and design is not usually needed – this may even distract them. The study space will grow with your child as they grow up and it even may move location a few times. Set up a basic study space and let it mold to your child’s individual learning needs and wants.


A desk, chair, bookshelf and a storage solution, such as a cabinet or drawers, is all you really need to get started. On a budget or want your space to have a vintage feel? Check out Reclaimed Canada or It’s Vintage YYC for some great affordable pieces that will look great in your space.

Kids study areaKids study space Kids study area

Good lighting

This goes without saying, that a well-lit space will allow your child to better see their work and concentrate. Setting them up by natural light can also be beneficial, lessening eyestrain and keeping them focused. See “The Ins And Outs Of Lighting Fixtures For Your Home” for more information on some great task lighting options for your space.


A cluttered space will lead to many distractions for your child and as a result work will take much longer to be completed. Try keeping toys in a different room and try setting up the space away from TV’s and other electronic devices. This will help to keep your kids organized and will also create more incentive for your child to get his/her work done sooner.


Be sure to have the space well organized, so that school supplies are easily accessible to your child. You can get creative with this and build organization into the design of your space. Some kids also like to study in different areas of the house, so keeping a set of supplies portable might be handy.

Study organizationOrganizingKids organization

Hang wall paraphernalia

This can be pictures and decorations, but that is not necessarily what we are talking about. A bulletin board or a magnetic white board can be beneficial for hanging notices, appointment slips, field trip information etc. It may even be beneficial to hang a calendar up as well, so your child can write down important dates coming up in school and in extra curricular activities (ex. sports schedules). This will get your child to begin planning ahead in an organized way and is a visual so they see what is coming up. Eventually this will teach them how to manage their homework and schedule on their own.

Add a clock

Placing a clock somewhere in the space where it is easily seen. This will help your child stay on track, teach them time management and how to stay on schedule.

Display awards and achievements

Finding a way to show off past projects, assignments your kids have done well on, art projects and things they have excelled at around the space will act as free artwork and will customize the space to your child. It may also help motivate your child to continue doing great work when they start slacking. You can hang projects on a twine clothesline with clothespins, display artwork on shelves or frame achievements. Pintrest has some great ideas if you need a little creative inspiration.





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