A Checklist for a Healthy Calgary Home

Clean kitchen


  • Get a good water filtration system to take out all chemicals and dirt your tap water has accumulated. There are some very simple under the counter units that are easy to install. Prices range from $50-$300 depending on the type of system and the flow rate you require. They are easy to install.
  • Eat Local/ Organic Produce that are pesticide and insecticide FREE. Local markets like Crossroads and Calgary Farmer’s Market offer up many choices
  • Use glass or stainless steel containers for food and beverage storage. This eliminates any risk that plastics may introduce.

Bathroom products


  • When possible, use Fragrance Free Personal care products or ones scented with natural oils. Check out Community Natural Foods, Vitamins First as well as other health food retailers as they often carry these products.
  • Try and find products that are triclosan free: such as deodorants, antibacterial soaps, toothpaste and cosmetics etc. It has the ability to weaken your immune system, trigger allergies/ asthma and interfere with your nervous system
  • Avoid hand sanitizers: washing your hands with water and soap is more effective and more gentle on your skin
  • Avoid Aerosols: see blog on Allergy Proofing your Home

General all around your home

  • Use natural oils introduced to the air with a vaporizer to scent your home instead of air fresheners. You can also use scented candles like the ones made by Vancouver Candle Co., produced with soy and all natural products. Available at Curate in Kiya Home
  • Use paints that contain no lead or VOC’s: both of these emit harmful chemicals into the air and continue to do so years down the road.
  • Do not use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs): they contain mercury and should be handled and disposed of carefully. See blog on light bulbs
  • This is an important one! Make sure you keep your home ventilated with clean airflow by replacing your air filters frequently: this will decrease allergens, pollen, dust, and toxins in the air.
  • Use natural remedies to get rid of unwanted critters such as bugs and rodents
  • Introduce some house plants into your home. Certain varieties filter many toxins from the air all on their own, such as a Boston Fern


Home Cleaning

  • Do not use home cleaners that have fragrances or unwanted chemicals like ammonia or chlorine: make sure they are “green,” petroleum free, biodegradable and phosphate free
  • Use home remedies to clean and get other things done around your home: these will save you money, are non-toxic and better for the environment
  • Use Baking Soda to disinfect your carpet or scrub your tile before vacuuming
  • Vacuum regularly to avoid dust build up
  • Use vinegar to clean your mirrors: this will disinfect them and make them shiny
  • Use vinegar instead of bleach
  • Use hydrogen peroxide to remove stains
  • Make sure you dust your home on a regular basis: dust is a bad allergen and will trigger allergies and asthma

Outside your home

  • Do not use pesticides or insecticides on your lawn or garden: they are harmful to breath in and could be consumed by children if they play close enough to the contaminated area, causing life long health problems such as issues in brain development
  • Get some exercise and pull the weeds by hand
  • Do not buy anything that contains pressure treated wood

Pulling Weeds




Alana Kitchen
Alana Kitchen
Alana Kitchen, founder of Who To Call Inc. Taking care of a house with three boys I always needed a good drywaller on speed dial. When I moved to Calgary I quickly discovered it was an Olympic sport to find home service businesses that provided the quality service and advice I was looking for. This experience inspired Who To Call – a website dedicated to helping Calgarians find quality home service repair companies. Sign up to post your project and find quality companies today!
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