5 New High-Tech Security Gadgets to Help Keep Your Calgary Home Safe

Home security is not only becoming a necessity, it is becoming more secure. The tech industry has kept up with and, in some cases, surpassed the demand for security gadgets for the home, allowing people to better sleep at night.




Fingerprint technology has been a long time coming and became popularized with the general public with the release of the iPhone unlock functionality. Prior to that though it had been making it’s way through the security channels on a larger scale. Tychi Systems’ Biometric door locks have harnessed this technology as a leading home security feature, stopping intruders the moment they hit the door.

BioLever and their other products use fingerprint technology to identify and approve individuals for access to the home. Their software can recognize up to 100 different fingerprints and also tracks the day and time various fingerprints are registered.

The one downside of this technology as it pertains to Calgary is the need to remove your mitten and touch cold metal in the dead of winter. Brrr!




The All-in-one security system. Piper is a one time purchase, no monthly fee system that ties into your smart phone. The compact machine has a motion and sound detector and an intruder deterring siren and is customizable for home, away, and vacation. It will also notify you once everyone has left the house, prompting you to arm Piper. How does it notify you? Piper is equipped to send push notifications, text messages, emails, and even phone calls, and any combination of the 4 as desired.

But motion detection is not new. Piper also has video on demand with a full 180 degree view and recording functionality. It is able to pan, tilt, zoom, and tilt screen to ensure you are seeing exactly what it is that is concerning you. What’s more, it also has a two-way audio allowing you to interact with your family, pets, or even intruders if the alarm isn’t scary enough.

And finally. As a bonus. Piper can also control lighting and appliances with your smart phone. What are you waiting for?




Canari Home Security System

In the old days people used to own Canaries as a safety precaution. These little birds were extremely sensitive to changes in air quality and their deaths would indicate a gas leak, high carbon monoxide, or other air quality control issues.

Canari, the modern day ‘birdie’ is the only thing you need to make sure that your family can breathe easy inside their own home. It monitors air quality, temperature, and even humidity so your family is always comfortable.

But it does so much more. Like Piper it is a full security system with video, motion detector, and alarms that connect directly to your smart phone. It focuses on home security, pet monitoring, and family – a trio to please most households.




Goji Smart Lock

Goji is the smart lock for the every day home owner. This technology makes front door interactions as easy as possible. Goji lets you control the lock via your mobile phone. It has an unlocking app as well as an optional keyless entry. Don’t have a phone? Fobbs are available for the little ones. Goji also has a built in camera that will show you who is at your front door without having to get off the couch.

Have guests? No need to duplicate your keys and worry about getting them back. Goji allows you to give temporary access via their own mobile devices, including a start and stop time for their access – perfect for dog walkers too!




Wall Switch Timer

With all of the high-tech expensive gadgets out there the possibilities can feel endless. Looking for something a little more simple for an added sense of security during a vacation? Purchase an inexpensive lighting timer which will randomly turn lights off and on in your home while you’re away. This will make it seem like your home is still active and deter those with the wrong intentions.

Home Checks

With these high tech options readily available, most of which provide remote monitoring, we might think personal home check services are unnecessary.  This is not the case.  Personal inspections of your home are still important and are most definitely required by your insurance company when you are away for more than 24-48 hours.  Review your insurance policy for specifics. Check out Who To Call for quality Calgary home sitting services.



Omnitrax Virtual Fence

Want to really ensure your home’s safety? Check out a built in underground virtual fence, and Omnitrax is the best in it’s class. This fence notifies you of any disturbance within or around the parameter of your home and triggers an array of virtual cameras. These fences can run you anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 and are generally used at high-security locations.



Alana Kitchen
Alana Kitchen
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