Cleaning Checklist for the Calgarian Who is Ready for Everything!

Calgarians know that it never hurts to get ahead of schedule, especially when winter could come at any moment. Calgary has been known to have its bouts of unpredictable weather and it is important to get your cleaning checklist prepared. Here are some important things you should add to your list to make sure you are ready for anything and with the kids heading back to school, you might actually have time to tackle the list.


Clean the Eaves

Over the summer there are many different things that can get stuck in the gutters – leaves, berries, dirt, and other nasty things. It is important to get your eaves cleaned out in summer while the weather is still nice. By emptying out all of the debris that gathers in there, you will ensure that it won’t be stuck in there over the winter, and won’t decompose in the summer to follow. Better to get it cleaned up now then have a mess to deal with later!


Get Organized

Summer is a time for bringing out the blow up pool, having the mower easily accessible, and leaving all the outdoor toys on the lawn. It is a good idea to get ahead in your organization and be sure things are put away properly and put in a place easily accessible for next summer. Not only will it save you time in the future, but your storage will sparkle enough to make your relatives “ooh” and “ahh” at your clean and organized space!


Have a Ready Rooftop

Rooftop Ready

Rain, hail, and summer winds can test the strength and placement of your shingles. Haven’t had them changed in while? Have a loose shingle that looks like it is about to fall off? Be sure to get it fixed or have your house re-shingled so that when the snow freezes and melts, you won’t have to deal with any leaks or buildup moisture.


Get Rid of the Junk

Did you have a garage sale this summer? Are you finding that your garage is fuller than when you started? Over the summer junk can pile up quickly. With the warm weather things are fine to sit in the garage or on the back deck, but as it becomes colder, shovels, rakes, winter tires, and other gear will need to fill those spaces. Make sure that you get your junk removed so that you can keep an organized and clean space throughout the colder months!


Fire up the Furnace

The time is coming when the heat will have to be turned back on in the house. Over the summer when the furnace and ducts are not being used, dust gathers and sits. Be sure that when there is a chill in the air and you need to switch on the heat, that you are pumping in clean, warm air and not dirty, dusty air.

Hire a Who To Call furnace cleaner and breathe fresh air this fall and winter.


Clean the Carpets

Clean the Carpets

With the beautiful weather, doors tend to be left open, shoes are dragged through the house, and kids can track in sand from the sand box. The dust and dirt will find your carpets and settle within the fibers. It is a good idea to have your carpets cleaned before winter so that when it comes time to stay indoors, you aren’t dealing with extra dirt.


Get a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way! When parts of your house are put through the winter elements, wood can rot, seals can wear, and color can fade. It can be important to get your building’s exterior freshly painted so that it can withstand the snow and sleet that Calgary is so used to. Once painted, not only will your house be prepared for the winter, but it will look clean and inviting when all your Thanksgiving and Christmas guests come knocking on your door!


Be a Calgarian who is ready for anything by adding these tips to your summer cleaning checklist or hiring a professional who will take the tasks off your hand. Not only will you be prepared for the winter months, but you will be relaxing in your warm and clean house knowing that you bested the Calgary weather.




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