Repairs That Take First Time Homeowners By Surprise

It is no secret that home ownership is a big responsibility. For many first-time homeowners, the process of searching for, buying, and moving into their new home is so all-encompassing, they do not even have time to think about the potential home repairs that might be required.

One of my best pieces of advice for all buyers, especially first-time home buyers, is to have a thorough home inspection done before purchasing. Most qualified inspectors encourage buyers to attend the inspection and will help them get to know their new house and how to care for it. While home inspections can identify areas of concern or repairs that are required immediately, they cannot predict every issue that might arise in the future. Here are a few home repairs that take first-time buyers by surprise and tips on how to prepare for them.


Damage caused by pests

Damage caused by pests such as rodents or insects can wreak havoc both inside and outside a home. Infestations can be sudden and unexpected. For example, voles are often busy digging in a yard throughout the winter and homeowners do not see the damage until the spring thaw. Insects such as ants, spiders, and bedbugs are common home invaders in Calgary and can cause problems if left untreated. Infestations, or even the presence of a small number of rodents and insects, can be seasonal and irregular. Homeowners can be unaffected for years. To stay on top of potential damage, make it a part of your seasonal maintenance routines to check inside and outside for signs of uninvited animals. Call a qualified pest control expert in as soon as possible so the infestation and subsequent damage can be contained.

Garage door repairs

Garage door maintenance is an often overlooked chore that should be done regularly. Garage doors have many moving parts that benefit from being inspected once a year in order to prevent larger issues, such as a door that does not open or close properly, or even worse, a door that is non-operational. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not aware of the importance of regular maintenance until something breaks. Stay on top of inconvenient and costly garage door repairs by maintaining them regularly. A qualified overhead door specialist can perform routine inspections and replacements of parts such as torsion springs, lifting cables, rollers, and hinges to ensure a garage door keeps working as it should.

Damaged concrete

Most homeowners are aware that concrete will eventually experience some degree of cracking. Concrete cracking is typically due to thermal contraction, settlement, drying shrinkage, or heavy loads. While many cracks do not require much attention, there are a few types of damaged concrete that need to be repaired in a timely and professional manner. Cracks that are allowing water to pass through should be properly filled before significant damage occurs. Cracks caused by a heavy load, for example on a driveway, should be remedied as soon as possible to prevent the concrete from continuing to erode or before it causes damage to vehicles. It is a good habit to keep an eye on cracks as part of a seasonal maintenance routine. When in doubt if a crack requires repair, err on the side of caution and have a concrete repair professional assess the situation. Having the situation addressed early can prevent a wide range of much more expensive problems!

In addition to the inconvenience and costs related to home repairs, finding a reputable contractor can make the process seem even more stressful. While there are plenty of areas in your home where a DIY solution can be applied, repairs like the ones listed above deserve professional attention. A few different ways homeowners can find the best people for the job are through word of mouth referrals, checking out verified reviews online, or looking at Who To Call, a website that focuses specifically on connecting Calgary homeowners with service-minded home maintenance professionals.



Kim Twohey
Kim Twohey
Kim Twohey with CIR Realty, is an experienced Realtor who loves helping Buyers and Sellers to find their perfect home. Kim says that the best part of her job is seeing clients smile when they have that “aha” moment after walking into a house that is meant to be their home. Her attention to detail, organization, and commitment to her clients helps to make transactions go smoothly and with minimal stress. Kim is always looking for ways to improve her client’s experience and regularly invests time into additional education and training. Let Kim help you find your pathway home.
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