Easy Ways to Help Heat Your Home on a Budget

Winter makes me think of warm sweaters, hot chocolate, snowball fights, and… really high home heating costs! I tracked down some simple and effective home heating tips to help you keep your toes warm and your wallet full.

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Apply window insulation film

You can purchase kits from any hardware store and it only takes minutes to apply the film to your windows. They will be noticeable on your windows, but when installed properly, these wraps will not interfere with your view.

Close window coverings and curtains when it is cold and cloudy

If the sun is not helping to warm your space, close the window coverings to prevent heat loss through your widows.

Adjust your heating vents

High traffic rooms with a steady stream of activity may not need as much heat from your furnace since appliances and activity will help them to stay warm. Close off these vents so that your furnace is not overheating one area of your home and neglecting another area.



Spot heat your home

Often rooms farthest from the furnace can been the coolest. Instead of increasing the heat in your entire house, use other strategies to stay warm in these cooler rooms. You can use a hot water bottle, electric blanket, or an extra sweater to stay warm without increasing your heating bill.

Use a programmable thermostat

You can program your thermostat to turn on or off based on your regular routine.  There is no need to heat your home all day if you are at work. Simply program your furnace to turn on shortly before you arrive home.



Listen to your Grandma and put on a sweater!

If you dress warmly, you will not need to maintain a higher temperature in your house. Put on a sweater and some cozy socks or slippers to keep you warm.

Change your furnace air filters regularly

If your furnace filters are dirty, your furnace can not work efficiently. Keep a few extra filters on hand and change them as needed.

Use your ceiling fan

Warm air rises and your ceiling fan can help to redistribute warmer air throughout your living space.

Seal around windows, doors, utility cut-throughs and any other areas that you can feel a draft coming in

You can use caulking or weather stripping, depending on the area that needs to be sealed. Your local hardware store can recommend products and techniques to help make this a quick and simple task for you.

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Do you have any home hacks that help you stay warm during the cold winter months? Share them in the comments below!

A special thanks to Kim Twohey with CIR Realty for being a guest contributor to the Who To Call blog.



Kim Twohey
Kim Twohey
Kim Twohey with CIR Realty, is an experienced Realtor who loves helping Buyers and Sellers to find their perfect home. Kim says that the best part of her job is seeing clients smile when they have that “aha” moment after walking into a house that is meant to be their home. Her attention to detail, organization, and commitment to her clients helps to make transactions go smoothly and with minimal stress. Kim is always looking for ways to improve her client’s experience and regularly invests time into additional education and training. Let Kim help you find your pathway home. kimtwohey@gmail.com
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